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 About us

We present to you our one of a kind sports site – shokobet.com. The goal of this site is to give you information and guide you in one funny and unusual way by publishing for you the best sports predictions from our analyzers.In this site we will present to you reviews of famous bookies from all around the world and you will have the possibility to win from the sport bets that you choose.And while you have fun with the girls, these reviews will guide you to choose one or more bookies, that will satisfy your requirements for the sport bets, as for everyone from the bookies we will present to you different bonuses.The bookies that we present to you serve a large number of different sports like Football, Volleyball, Golf, Darts, Basketball, Cycling, Horse Racing, Tennis, casino and poker bets and much more.You have the possibility to win as you register for free in one of the bookies that we will introduce you.

Details about ShokoBet project

Dear football, sports betting and casino lovers, welcome to our website ShokoBet! We are pleased to invite you to the newest platform specially tailored to help all of you, who love spending the free time in gambling or who have been part of the online betting experience for years. What gathers you in a stable community is actually what has made us create this project. ShokoBet is a website devoted to everything necessary and critical about what’s going in the world of the biggest and the newest bookmakers.We have established this page to provide you useful information about the leaders among the online betting platforms, as well as to meet you with the debutants from the internet gambling industry. Our primary purpose is to gather as big as possible number of bookies at one place and to analyse them in details so you can get the chance to individually estimate where to invest your money whether in sports bets or your favourite casino game type. To execute our mission we do detailed reviews for each online bookmaker that, in our opinion, is suitable for newbies, or is a leader in the sphere, as well as intriguing and cool enough no matter how young it might be.Thus, we try to save you precious time, which you practically would spend in a search for a right bookie by reading comments and feedback. Meanwhile, we also would like to reduce your financial risks in gambling. Instead of making additional investments in bookmakers to get to know them, we will provide you for free the entire significant information about each of them.

Who’s behind ShokoBet team?

Our team i formed of long-term lovers, players and professionals in the sphere of online betting activity. We have gathered people who have rich experience in this specific activity and who have also passed the way you are about to pass – that path from the first placed bet to becoming a real expert when it comes to casino games and sports bets. It’s the only logical way we can take aiming to sort the information you would really need. By taking under considerations any punter’s requirements, doubts and practices in searching for a suitable bookie, we succeed in giving you only the facts that would be definitely useful. By elimination the information we believe would be useless for you, we avoid any risk of confusing you in the progressively increasing gambling industry. We also believe that our personal knowledge and experience represent a guarantee for our reviews to be useful and to simplify your choice for a platform where to gamble.

What exactly does ShokoBet team do?

ShokoBet specialises in composing high quality, useful, detailed and up to date reviews for contemporary and active online betting operators. The process of doing a review takes a significant period of time, which we devote to comparative analysis, extracting the useful information and giving final verdict and evaluation for the overall bookie’s performance on the global gambling scene. As a result of this sophisticated activity ShokoBet offers you the chance to estimate a specific bookie by reading only one single review and eventually to decide whether it suits your preferences, respectively whether it’s worth it to become a place where to invest your funds. 

First of all, ShokoBet regularly follows the online betting market and keeps a close on what’s going on it, as well as what’s hot and topic. We aim to study every newly established and debuted bookmaker. For this purpose we follow the trustworthy international media and sources to make our own choice for the best and current platforms to present you. Each reviewed bookie on our website is put on a detailed observation. Our specialists literally get in the average punter’s shoes and go through the same paths the punter would go through when registering in a bookie, using a bonus, placing a bet and participating in a casino game. Then, ShokoBet team fully describes each process and analyses the strong and the weak points in these processes. We strive for becoming able to offer you an objective evaluation for the top popular bookmakers so you can subjectively and in the light of your own expectations and interests to decide where and whether to make a registration

 In addition to these, ShokoBet continues following and keeping an eye on a specific betting operator even after presenting its top-to-bottom review. What we try to do is to inform you for the hottest promotions and bonuses, news or significant changes in a bookie we have already reviewed. This is how you as a punter and as our regular reader will always be informed about the events and offers you that concern you.

What does a standard bookmaker review in ShokoBet include?

Bookmaker reviews are the general materials ShokoBet offers to the readers and sports betting or casino game lovers. We are confident that they are going to be more than just useful for you and your future gambling activity. However, what is also essential for us is to make you realise the advantages of knowing a specific bookie in advance, before making an account in it and staring investing money on its platform. Here’s why within the next lines we would like to explain you what exactly a standard bookmaker review from our website includes, as well as what benefits it brings to once you read it. 

The reliable bookmaker is usually owned and managed by a reputable company 
In other words, we start our review with general information about the owners who stand behind the bookie. We present you some essential facts like the operator’s territory coverage, because some betting websites, for instance, don’t accept punters from certain countries. In addition to these, we always mention whether a betting house has an official license to operate, as well as whether it’s been regulated by an official agency or state executive body. All of these represent a guarantee for your legal gambling activity and insurance for your investments, profits and personal data.

A bookie’s design is actually something that matters more than you think 
The design and the technology behind a particular betting platform are actually more critical than you thing. There are details like – colour scheme and the website layout with all of its functions – that can slow down or on the contrary, simplify and improve your activity in a certain platform. And since all of us, who work in ShokoBet, believe that sometimes, even the most insignificant detail might matter when it comes to making big profits, we pay some special and acute attention to the look and the pack of certain extras and features available in a bookmaker.

ShokoBet – your personal guide for the general procedures you will meet in a bookie
Whether you are a total newbie, or you have some substantial experience in the sphere, it often happens to meet different methods or specific in the traditional procedures typical for a bookmaker. For instance, making and then, verifying an account in a betting house, depositing and ordering a withdrawal after gaining some profits, using a mobile service are such procedures. In all of our reviews we undertake the task to clearly explain you all of these procedures and give you the steps you need to take to complete and perform them, too. What we aim here is to make each procedure as understandable as possible.

We also keep you up to date with the hottest promotions
Bonuses are excellent additions to your successful gambling activity in a bookmaker. They can increase your profits, as well as to give you a chance for profits at all, to fill the gaps in your betting budget and in general, to improve or diversify your experience. The team in ShokoBet tries to always inform you not only about the specific bookie’s current offers, but also to explain to you how to use these promos in the best for you way.

What a bookie offers is what we mainly explain you in a review
In other words, by reading a certain bookmaker review, our readers get the chance to make a quick overview of the bet types, the games, sport disciplines, odds, markets, jackpots, terms and conditions in this same bookmaker. If you make this analysis on your own, you will need more time spent in an active betting activity on the platform. It means you will risk both – free time and mostly, your funds. Instead, we can meet you in details with the concrete specifications you need to have in mind when placing a bet in a bookmaker, analyzed in ShokoBet.

We put some distinctive accent on the mobile services in the contemporary betting websites
According to the official stats, the number of mobile players within the sports betting and casino gambling spheres isn’t just significantly increasing, but will soon leave the number of desktop consumers behind. Concerning this, our team from ShokoBet believes that with no mobile service a bookie would not be able to reach the highest positions in the charts for the top leaders in the industry. Moreover – the more qualitative the mobile options in a betting operator are, the more famous it will be among the audience and praised by our experts.

 Being specialists, who take care for the punters to get the best they can get, we also believe that the operators should on mandatory take care of their customers, too  

In relation to this, our reviews always include information about the customer support service and customer relationship management in a bookie. Here is where we meet the customers with the communication methods they can use to reach the company and the company’s representatives. We also analyse in details to eventually rate the bookie’s customer support service objectively. 

ShokoBet offers you a top-to-bottom and objective evaluation, rating and final verdict per each reviewed bookmaker

The estimation of a bookie is one comprehensive and long-lasting process. It begins with the analysis of the advantages and the disadvantages in a certain betting website, passes a precise determination of the bookie’s specifications, untypical or rarely seen in the industry features, and finishes with final verdict and ratings. The ratings are usually based on both: our personal objective opinion regarding the bookie’s quality and customer’s feedback left among the whole web. ShokoBet estimation and final verdict, though, should not be accepted for granted, but only as points of departure for your own final opinion regarding the bookie. In all cases, our ratings and final verdicts represent for you a great overall base on which to stand to decide with minimum risks whether to invest your money and time in a specific platform.

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ShokoBet universal tips for your personal gambling experience

Forming a reliable team of total experts in the betting and online casino spheres, our specialists are experienced and skilful enough to trust them when it comes to successful playing experience. Concerning this, ShokoBet strongly recommends you to review our personal universal tips for your individual activity in casino and sport betting websites:

 1. Be extremely wakeful about your own activity and don’t let your passion for betting turn into mania. Don’t forget that the gambling and casino platforms don’t represent the leading source for income, but they just place for fun and arenas where you can boost your skills in predictions. Here is where we are supposed to mention the topic of your investments. It’s recommended for you to establish a stable monthly budget and stick to it in order not to lose control over your funds and activity. 
 2. Please, have in mind that nearly 50% of the casino games require only luck in order to win. In sports betting, things are entirely different. They demand from you to show some solid skills, experience and preliminary preparation to make a prediction. The training usually includes informing about the specific sport discipline, the particular league or tournament, the team’s latest performance and the individual player’s physical and mental condition. The correct prediction depends on your preliminary study of the specific bet type and on what you have read in the sports news. It takes constant refreshment of your sports knowledge regardless of the sport type you prefer. These things are significant for your successful betting activity, so please always have them in mind.  
 3. We also advise you to mainly place bets on the sport type you know and understand. The narrow specialisation allows you to focus your knowledge and time specifically on a certain topic you are aware of. The smaller the range of the markets and leagues you place your bets on, the more qualitative your preliminary preparation for a prediction becomes. 
 4. Meanwhile, the casino and jackpot games represent an excellent alternative to diversify your time during which there are no exciting matches or sports events from your range of betting interests. Although these games don’t require some skills, but mainly luck, they are great to entertain yourself, but in addition to this, they are potential chances to earn some money. Here’s why when you should choose a bookie to register even if you are a big sports betting lover, it’s recommended for you to pay some attention at the bookie’s casino offers, too. Although they have secondary role in your choice, when you play a casino game to diversify your time, it would be truly wonderful to have intriguing and entertaining gambling alternatives to choose from. 
 5. You might not believe it now, but in many cases the finely and wisely selection bookmaker executes half of the big task to win some money from the online gambling industry. However, note that not always a bookie who is a total leader in its sphere and preferred by most of the audience can be the right bookie specifically for you. The different punters simply have different needs and preferences. Be extremely careful where you invest your money and select the right platform for betting wisely. We do realise how frustrating the significant number of available bookies might be, which is why also understand how hard it might be for you to make up your mind for a high-quality choice. It’s where actually our reviews come to help you. They offer you an adequate answer to your question whether a certain gambling website is suitable for you depending on your specific and individual preferences and interests.

How to pick out the high-quality bookmaker from the scams?

Every big sports betting lover would want to invest his or her money in a high-quality bookmaker. Unfortunately, though, there are lots of bookies in the web that seemingly represent good platforms, but are actually scams. Scams are websites where practically you can place bets, and it isn’t very recommended for you. Note that scams are not on mandatory inexperienced on new bookies. On compulsory – there are lots of newly established betting houses, which although being young, are quite promising as they are immaculate, with excellent gambling system and a whole pack of options for successful activity. Moreover – thy usually have impressive bonuses, too. By the way, scams typically attract more customers with too generous offers and very high bonuses, but in reality, there’s always something wrong about any or many of their general services. Sometimes, a scam is even an illegal bookmaker with no official license to operate on the market or betting websites of inferior quality. It is safe to be confident about the bookmakers we present in ShokoBet because we have checked them out at a full value. By getting to know the bookies we recommend you can also get to know the features you should look for in a bookie in future. Speaking of which, here are the top criteria to have in mind when you search for a high-quality bookmaker:

1. The good bookmaker is owned and managed by a company with a good reputation. Mainly, it’s a company that sponsors lots of sports teams and initiatives. Meanwhile, the high-quality bookies are usually represented by famous sportsmen, and it’s often when they stand out with positive feedback across on the web, but not only in their platforms. Moreover – these days, the reputation on internet is a factor that can be hardly missed or falsified, so if you think a specific company has a bad name, probably, it’s not the right for you. 

 2. The qualitative bookmaker has an official license to operate in a significant number of counties from all over the world. Moreover – it’s regulated by the proper states depending on the country they are registered in. The absence of regulation and license means a lack of safety for you as a punter – your personal data, the funds you deposit and the money you win is not secured. 

 3. In the past, mobile services used to be recommended to be included in a bookie’s list of services, mainly if the company aimed to reach a higher position in the gambling industry. These days, though, if a betting company doesn’t offer a mobile website version or/and a mobile app it’s hard to determine it as a competitive one. It’s because of the current internet trend according to which most of the consumers on the web prefer to use mobile rather than desktop devices to go online. Moreover – in the gambling sphere a mobile service is something of great meaning and importance. The advantage of betting on the go through a mobile platform reduces the risk of missing an excellent opportunity for a win. 

 4. The availability of at least one bonus is nowadays on mandatory for a betting house. However, when the bookmaker’s bonus system is even bigger, and the offers are very intriguing and generous, the company’s rating will surely get higher. Try, though, to select gambling websites not only with their bonus systems in mind but also by taking under consideration the primary services you find in the platforms. It’s very often when a company uses a generous bonus system to cover severe laps in the betting system. 

 5. The wide variety is the key to the big success, and it’s not a secret even for the youngest or the less experienced bookmaker. In relation to this, we should admit that the more markets, sport disciplines, casino games and offers a gambling website provide you, the more qualitative it is. Moreover – the big range of betting services has always been a betting company’s primary way to attract more of the targeted customers. And if we appear in such a bookie we can conclude that being its official customers we are in a place where punters are put on a pedestal, and they get what they need. 

 6. The availability of as many payment methods as possible is another way for the company to attract a bigger part of the targeted audience. On the other side, if the only deposit or a withdrawal method you can use isn’t listed in the bookie’s platform, you will be made to go for a new place to register.

ShokoBet reminds you that we are fully oriented to your needs and our job is to simplify your betting activity

As a conclusion, we would like to remind you that you can always count on us when it comes to some questions or assistance. In case we haven’t mentioned in our reviews or other material type something you are interested in, don’t hesitate, but contact us at convenient for you. We would be delighted to do everything possible to provide you the necessary information or to solve your problem. ShokoBet is here to make your personal adventure in the world of sports betting or casino games not just more pleasant, but also easier when you meet unknown bookies, functions you don’t understand or bonuses with strange terms and conditions. When you are confident about your personal preparation, and when you are clear with all the betting details in a bookie, you can freely let your skills work to make the right predictions and to win more money. Don’t forget that half of your successful gambling experience is hidden in the solid preparation, but not only in the actual betting activity. Here’s why don’t hesitate to use the information we offer you fully for free to include it in your own preparation for successful gambling in the right bookie for you. 

We wish you pleasant and winning moments in the world of internet sports bets and casino games!