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1xBet Mobile appToday’s betting market is almost impossible to exist without the option to let the punters play on the go. With the rise of mobile devices, it’s logical to observe the growth of online punters, who prefer to place bets via their mobile devices. And there’s something else regarding this rise. It turns out that 90% of today’s developing countries, where by the way, with the internet appearance, online gambling has become one of the audience’s top online activities, mobile devices become more than desktop devices there. This is why a significant number of bookmakers that tries to expand their operating territory on the globe, on mandatory offer mobile platforms for such countries (mostly those from the African continent). 1xBet is not an exception in this example. Moreover – this bookie entirely follows the mobile betting trend and currently, it has lots of mobile services and options to provide in every country it operates.


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1xBet Mobile platform

Before giving you the concrete answer whether 1xBet has a mobile application to offer to the audience, it’s significant to start with the most standard way to place online bets via a mobile device – the classical mobile browser website version. Before the arrival of smartphones, apps mainly did not exist and what used to serve their role back in those days when it comes to mobile bets, was the old, but gold mobile browser website version. It’s similar to the official bookie’s desktop version, but loads on mobile devices. Of course, in 90% of the cases, any bookie with a mobile platform does have a mobile browser version. So does 1xBet. However, today, it seems that punters prefer to have their most favourite betting house’s mobile platform directly installed on their devices. And this is possible only thanks to the contemporary mobile betting apps.

1xBet Mobile app

Yes, 1xBet has a mobile app, and it’s not a thing to be surprised with or some kind of a unique bookmaker’s function. All of today’s reputable betting houses provide mobile apps, too. Yes, we mean not a single, but at least two apps as different mobile devices require different mobile application software products as they run on different mobile operating systems. So, does 1xBet responds to this requirement at full value? Of course, it does! 1xBet let you download and install the following different mobile betting applications:

  • Standard apps for the two most popular mobile operating systems these days: Android and iOS. These apps are typical with the fact that they cover 90% of the services the mobile and the official desktop websites include. In our case, 1xBet mobile apps for Android and iOS the only service which is not included is the poker room. However, don’t worry, there’s a way for you to play poker games through the 1xBet system and via a mobile device.
  • Because 1xBet offers Android and iOS apps that are specially tailored for 1xBet’s online poker rooms. They include only the poker games, though, and if you want to play poker and place sports bets via the 1xBet system, you should either download both of the apps regarding your operating system or directly turn to the mobile browser version.
  • 1xBet also offers its Android browser. You can take the benefits of it, as the browser allows you to enter the betting house’s system, but also to access any other website on the web.
  • .jar and .jad apps that are devoted especially to mobile users with the oldest mobile devices. These are mobile phones which are not smart. Meanwhile, you can also use these apps in case you do own a tablet or a smartphone, but it runs on a different from Android or iOS operating system (like Windows Mobile, for example).

1xBet mobile app – downloading and installation
There’s one important thing you should remember about 1xBet apps: you can download all of them from the company’s mobile website version. Some users are wrong when looking for an Android 1xBet app in the official Google App Store. When they figure it out that it’s not listed in Google’s official app store, they believe such doesn’t exist. But it’s not the truth. The thing is that Google, in general, does not allow any gambling apps that involve real money to appear in the app store. The case is not the same when it comes to 1xBet app for Apple’s mobile devices. You can browse the search in iTunes and find the 1xBet app, respectively to directly download and install it on your tablet or mobile phone. When you want to download any of the other apps, though, look for a button called Download 1xBet app in the bookie’s official website. Here’s one more mark we should make regarding the Android app. It’s possible for your mobile device system to refuse the downloading process. Many mobile devices that are with Android OS disable the downloading process of apps from unknown sources by default. You can enable the downloading process, though, in your mobile device settings.

1xBet mobile app functions

We truly recommend you to prefer the app rather than 1xBet official mobile website version as the apps save you lots of mobile data traffic and it’s fewer than 10 MB as size so your device will work smoothly.

Meanwhile, the apps are backed up with the specially tailored function to send notifications to the punters. The notifications concern the top exciting matches of the day, as well as the progress of each bet the individual customer has placed. Save for these additional functions only the apps can brag about, everything you can find in the bookie’s official mobile version is available in 1xBet apps, too. You can even directly open an account via a mobile app without the necessity to browse the company’s website. Recently, we have discovered that 1xBet has been trying to encourage the punters to play on the go as the company provides higher odds in its mobile platform in comparison to the standard odds we find in the desktop official version.

1xbet-mobile app

1xBet mobile app final verdict and rate

Usually, we give high rates to those bookies that offer both: mobile version and an app for mobile users. However, 1xBet does let even users with older phones to get an app. In addition to these, the betting company has satisfied the entire mobile audience’s needs by giving an app alternative to everyone no matter what operating system the device owner uses. So in all cases, we provide this bookie ten from 10 as to its mobile platform set of options and features!

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