Download and install on Android and iOS

Download and install on Android and iOS


1xbit Mobile

With the significant advance of the mobile devices as leading devices to browse the web and perform lots of actions on the internet, the availability of mobile betting service in a bookmaker becomes crucial. It isn’t an extra anymore as it used to be a decade ago.

1xbit mobile app

It’s a necessity to meet the newest challenges in the attempt to satisfy the regular punter nowadays. That is why a lot of bookmakers regardless of their experience, level of trust and costumer’s feedback, tend to advance in their pack of mobile services. Thankfully, 1xbit is not just another special bookmaker (for the fact it offers bitcoins as the general playing currency for gambling), but also a modern platform where mobile services are put on a pedestal.

General facts about 1xbit mobile service

It’s a common decision all bookmakers should take when it comes to mobile betting: whether to offer a mobile app, or a mobile browser version. Those betting operators that prefer to offer both of the alternatives are definitely those that gain more positive feedback by the punters.

The thing is that the mobile apps offer more convenience when gambling, but not all of the punters own mobile devices that are compatible to the common mobile betting apps. In other words, these players have only one alternative for mobile bets – using the mobile browser website version.

When a bookie decides to cover as many target punters as possible giving them all the options for mobile experience is an act of leaving the competitors behind. This is what 1xbit does – it provides a mobile browser website version, as well as mobile apps for contemporary users who don’t want to miss even a single chance when it comes to a profitable bet, hot casino game or other gambling opportunity for fast income.

This is why we can confidently assure you that you can use 1xbit with any mobile device type – mobile phone, a smartphone of the latest model or a tablet. Of course, the requirement is for your device to have solid internet connection.

1xbit mobile browser version

The first option for you to place mobile bets in 1xbit is to use the company’s mobile browser website version. Usually, the punters are concerned whether the mobile version is at any rate limited in comparison to the available functions, features, events and games in official desktop version.

1xbit mobile browser version

The good news is that 1xbit mobile browser version is almost the same as the desktop one. There is no fundamental or critical difference in the official website version of the bookie and its alternative mobile version. Punters are offered with almost equal experience no matter which version they will choose to use.

The 1xbit mobile website version attracts the audience with quite a user-friendly interface and extremely simple to get used navigation style. Moreover the design of the desktop version is smartly transferred to the one in the mobile browser version not to confuse the users who switch from one to the other platform.

To access the mobile browser version you should just your mobile browser (whether on your tablet, or smartphone) and enter the URL address of the platform. The device will automatically transfer you to the 1xbit’s mobile website. To see the mobile browser version appearance via a desktop device, simply find the mobile version button on the official desktop version. Please, note that 1xbit’s mobile website version can be accessed with all the familiar browsers.

1xbit mobile apps

When you visit the betting company’s mobile browser version you can find a button that can transfer you to a page where 1xbit’s mobile apps are located. It’s the page where, as a matter of fact, the installation files for the applications are located. It’s essential for you to consider whether it’s going to be more convenient for you to use the mobile apps as they do come with some obvious extras.

1xbit mobile apps

1xbit provides two mobile apps that both include in their software systems the company’s sportsbook and the casino sections, as well as most of the games and options available in the official desktop website. The mobile apps are two – an Android mobile application and an iOS mobile application.

The only difference between them is that the first app is compatible to Android tablets and smartphones, while the second one is compatible to Apple devices. Please, note that you can download and then, install both of the apps directly from 1xbit website. There’s an iOS mobile app for 1xbit platform in the official iTunes store, but you will not find an Android in Google App Market.

1xbit mobile browser version or 1xbit mobile apps?

It’s crucial to be wise and attentive when selecting the right platform for your betting activity. This is why start your own investigation with understanding the differences between 1xbit mobile browser and 1xbit mobile app (whether for Android, or for iPhone and iPad). The easiest comparison is to consider the pros and the cons in each of the platforms.

Pros and cons in 1xbit mobile browser version

Pros: It looks the same way as the official desktop version and it does not require from you to install or to download anything. It’s preferable for punters who don’t have enough storage places in their mobile devices.

Cons: The mobile browser version will require more data usage. This means that if you don’t have unlimited access to internet at a certain period of time you might experience some delay in opening and using the mobile browser version.

Pros and cons in 1xbit mobile application

Pros: With a mobile app installed on your mobile device you provide a faster access and higher level of security for your entire betting activity in 1xbit bookie. Moreover, you will be regularly notified about what’s hot on the platform.

Cons: The mobile app requires a specific amount of your mobile device storage. On the other side, you will be supposed to regularly update the mobile app version if you want to use it at a full value.

Whether you will prefer the modern way of mobile betting – via an app – or you will stick to 1xbit mobile version, in all cases you will do the right choice by providing yourself as many chances for an income as possible by gambling on the go. So it’s all up to you and your device specification which platform you will prefer.

What is important is just to give into the mobile betting experience as it’s obvious that this is the future.