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At the beginning of the second decade of the 21st century, it’s tough to believe that a reputable and highly rated sportsbook can survive without offering qualitative mobile services. This is why all the brand new betting houses release mobile website versions and apps alongside with their official desktop platforms, while the experienced available bookmakers have nothing else smart to do except for providing their customers with such products as soon as possible.

melbet app

Although Melbet used to have a certain period of existence without mobile apps, thankfully, it has done its homework recently. Today, save for the classical mobile browser version, the punters can take benefits of modern and high-quality Melbet apps.

Melbet mobile service overview

Melbet is a very reputable and highly appreciated gambling website by punters who love placing sports bets on soccer and other exciting matches and disciplines, as well as for the casino lovers with unique attitude to roulette, slots, Blackjack and games made by the leaders in the sphere Pragmatic Play, Evolution Gaming and Ezugi.

The gambling company offers its official desktop portfolio of products and games in a mobile mode, too. The betting house has chosen the ideal approach into satisfying today’s mobile punters. Melbet is compatible to mobile devices – tablets and smartphones – via a mobile website version and through Melbet apps.

Depending on your individual needs and preferences, you can place sports bets and play casino games in Melbet platform through any of these two classical mobile channels.

Melbet mobile website version

The first option to play online casino games and place sports bets on the go is to use Melbet mobile website version. It is a standard mobile browser version that follows the design and the infrastructure of the official desktop website. Melbet mobile website version can be accessed through any type of browser. To do so, you should open your mobile browser and then enter the betting house’s URL address. There’s no need to add any “m” or “mobile” because the system will automatically recognize the device you are entering it to direct you to the most suitable for your screen version.

Please, note that Melbet mobile browser version does not deprive you of anything from what you are offered in the betting house’s official website version. All of the casino games, sports markets, disciplines and other special gambling services are available in the mobile service. The layout of the mobile browser version is a bit changed, indeed. However, it is only in the sake of proper fit with the smaller mobile device screens.

Melbet apps

There’s an unwritten law among the modern betting houses these days according to which the mobile browser version is mandatory. Still, the apps are recommended, excluding for the ambitious bookmakers that are obliged to offer apps, too. This is why we can definitely say that Melbet team is totally motivated to get listed next to the most prominent players in the gambling field.

The company offers a fantastic application that follows the latest mobile trends and designs. Melbet apps provide you with everything you need when it comes to placing bets and gambling on the go. Plus – the applications are compatible with the two most popular mobile operating systems. Melbet apps are available for Android and iOS devices.

Melbet app for Android

Android punters can enjoy faultless and easy to be used Melbet mobile app. It is available for downloads 100% for free. You can find Melbet mobile app for Android in the company’s mobile browser version. Attention: Melbet app is not uploaded in the official Google Play Store.

melbet app

This is not because the application is of low quality or unsafe, but because Google has a practice not to allow developers to apply their gambling apps as long as they involve real money activity. When you visit the company’s website look for a button or icon named “Melbet app”.

Click on it to download the installation apk file. Note that when you click it, you will be asked for permission to install an app from an unknown source. It’s a default setting on any mobile device. Enable the installation, and you will have Melbet application on your device within less than a minute.

Melbet app for iOS

Melbet application is available also for Apple devices. You can use the betting platform on your iPhone or iPad as long as you have a solid internet connection and you install Melbet app for iOS. Please, note that the installation in this file is available for downloads through two paths:

1.       Visit the bookmaker’s official mobile browser website. Find the icon with Melbet applications for iOS. Click on it to start the download process. Then, when you have the .apk file, install the application on your device. Now you have Melbet app for Apple that offers you fast access and great features for mobile betting and gambling.

2.       Find Melbet app for iOS in the official Apple App Store. Visit iTunes and use the search field. Type Melbet app or only Melbet and you will see the file you should download and then, install on your mobile device.

melbet app

Attention: no matter where from you download your Melbet app, you will pay nothing. The company’s applications are free of charge. You can use your login credentials to login the app if you have already registered in the platform through the desktop or the mobile browser version. Once you login Melbet app you will see your account information, balance and history saved.

Melbet app – pros

If you wonder whether to use the bookmaker’s mobile browser version or to opt for Melbet app, we are here to tell you why. Probably, the only case when it’s better to use the mobile browser version is when your mobile device does not run on iOS or Android. In this case, you have no other option rather than place mobile bets via the browser version. Using Melbet app, though, is better, because:

 - You get short and fast access to the application directly on your mobile device menu

 - Unlike the mobile browser version, the application has a specially tailored function to notify you for the bookmaker’s hot offers, news and even to remind you that an event you have placed a bet on is about to come.

 - The application uses less mobile internet traffic

 - It’s believed that the apps register fewer bugs and crashes rather than the mobile browser versions

Melbet apps – final verdict and conclusion

Melbet apps are designed and developed in full correspondence to the latest trends and innovations in the field. As a result of these, the applications fully suit the traditional modern punter’s profile and his needs and preferences. If you want to enjoy bug-free and efficient mobile betting and gambling experience through Melbet platform without missing even a single chance for a successful activity, the company’s applications are made just right for you. We definitely rate them with 9 of 10. We don’t want to give them the full pack of points just to leave them some food for thought to become better and not to stop optimizing Melbet apps.







Yes, it does. Melbet apps are available for free downloads and installation.
Melbet has two mobile apps – one for Android and one for Apple devices. You can find both Melbet apps on the company’s official mobile browser website. Apple Melbet app is available for downloads via Apple official App Store, too.
If you have Melbet account, you don’t have to register one more time in Melbet app. Just download and install the application and then, enter your login credentials. If you, though, have never opened an account in this betting house, you can make registration through Melbet app. Click on Sing up and fill in the registration form.
Melbet apps are recommended because they require less mobile internet traffic, and they provide fast access. Plus – there are notifications for hot news and upcoming events.
You can use Melbet app either on an Android or on an iOS mobile device. The application is suitable to both – tablets and smartphones. If your mobile device runs on a different mobile operating system, you can use Melbet mobile browser version.