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eview of the Casino SectionNothing is left to chance in MELbet’s online casino. Every possible element – from the design of banners to the attractiveness and behavior of the croupier – all colors, sights, and sounds – are there to keep you entertained and make you happy even if you have to lose.

MELbet Casino GamesLet’s quickly and virtually stroll around MELbet’s online casino. Prepare to be dazzled. You have entered a fantasy world where every bet can be a winner and make all your dreams come true. Have in mind, that in order to play the live casino games – your flash needs to be updated and you must be at least 18 years of age.

Why Choose MELbet CasinoMELBET CASINO

An estimated 50 million of enthusiastic people enter U.S. casinos every year. Gambling is, of course, a fun thing to do, and with MELbet casino it becomes the ultimate exciting adventure. There are plenty of advantages to online playing. We all love being cozy when we try our luck. MELbet betting company will serve all the options of a Las Vegas regular casino to your own sweet home. Slots, roulettes, Black Jack, Poker, and Baccarat – you name it. The live games are preferred to all the others because of the atmosphere and the pleasure they present to the players.

PokerPoker is taking over the gambling world. It is a craze because it is one of the few games of chance where good players consistently win. With the right skills and intimate awareness of this game – you may significantly excel the less-prepared gamblers. When you play online – there is a big difference – you don’t need to be capable to hide your emotions! That’s vital – they don’t call it “poker face” for nothing.

RouletteThe spinning wheel of the Roulette is the symbol of the casino world. We associate the Roulette with tradition, nobility, luxury, and elegance. The game has got a seductive appeal; it is fun and very easy to play. In MELbet, you can enjoy VIP, Immersive, American, Auto, French – more than a dozen kinds of Roulettes spinning on your computer monitor.



This is one of the most popular table games in casinos – appealing to a lot of loyal players. It’s understandable and also intriguing and it offers great odds. The betting company’s casino offers plenty of Blackjack tables to its customers.


This is one of the most popular table games in casinos – appealing to a lot of loyal players. It’s understandable and also intriguing and it offers great odds. The betting company’s casino offers plenty of Blackjack tables to its customers.

Casino Hold’em

Texas Hold’em is simply king today. Most successful Hold’em players have become celebrities. But even if you don’t seek TV celebrity fame, you can still play Texas Hold’em in MELbet’s casino and have a lot of fun. You may even get lucky. Have in mind that Hold’em takes a minute to learn and a whole lifetime to master.

The Caribbean

Gamblers love Caribbean Stud Poker because it is simple to play, incorporates elements of regular poker and has a progressive jackpot. When you play the Caribbean – the key objective is to beat the dealer’s five-card hand with your five cards. The pleasant lady who deals the cards congratulates you politely on every win.

Wheel of Luck

The wheel is spun by a sophisticated lady who actually converses with you during playtime. You can learn even personal details about her – she is confident and fun, she behaves decently with everyone, replying to all the comments, and certainly, the customers flock here because of her professional attention as well.

Top Card

You play against the house – one card for you and one for “home.” One of the delicate, finely dressed young men who lead the game informs you that he can speak Spanish as well. You can chat with the guy while he’s dealing and ask him all questions about the game – he will be happy to answer.


Baccarat is a card game which attracts rather refined crowds – the kind of people who wear tuxedos instead of T-shirts. If you haven’t tried it – you may believe that because you are not a royalty, millionaire, movie star, or James Bond – you don’t deserve the glamorous game. Here in MELbet casino, you can play Baccarat without all the formality.

Slot MachinesOnce upon a time before the Age of Internet, slot machines were quite simple devices. You put a coin and spin and when the reels stop, you hear the sound of clinking coins or painful silence. Silence was so painful that you couldn’t help but put in another coin. Nowadays the slot is a sophisticated machine with enough computing power to fly a space shuttle. MELbet’s portfolio is full of amazing slot games. They really get you in that zone of pleasure, which makes gambling so attractive.


MELbet SoftwareOne of the platforms for the live games is presented by the company Evolution Gaming – a leading one on the market. It supports more than 3000 dealers, more than 300 tables, 24 hours of live broadcast, more than 35 games. All those options are optimized for iOS/Android platforms. The software company provides high definition video. They do business only with the most reliable betting companies in the world. Counting on similar software solutions makes the online casino industry blossom.

Casino With Real CroupiersThe live games are guided by attractive and talkative croupiers. Casino employees are usually pleasant, professional and well-trained individuals. They maintain a safe and secure environment. They kindly explain the rules of the game and give advice to the players. They wish you good luck every time and even when the house loses; they thank you very much for playing with them. The communication with real people, who have a kind disposition and good manners, makes the games twice as fun.

Final Words

Gambling and cyberspace seem to be made for each other. Casinos and gambling companies such as MELbet just like old chaps can drop in to see you any time. You may play anonymously and comfortably without the need to leave your home. There is something hypnotic in the pleasure of gambling, and the online experience is by no means less enchanting than the live adventure.

Enter Melbet Casino

MelBet casino games