Melbet Indian premier league

Melbet's Giveaway on IPL Bets is Amazing and It's Still On

Melbet has been always the bookmaker popular mainly with its amazing pack of thousands of sport bets per day (including for live events) and awesome bonuses. And the company’s brand new promotional campaign shows it inevitably. Find out more about the latest Melbet IPL Giveaway below and learn how to win wonderful gifts while you are practicing your favorite sport betting activity in the web!


About Melbet IPL Bonus Offer

The truth is that you don’t have to do anything special to participate in this promotional campaign. All you have to do is to keep betting. The catch here is that you should place bets only on the Indian Premium League Cricket events. If you love betting on IPL, you are lucky! Because from now on every single bet you place on IPL gives you an extra chance to receive one of the big bunch of Melbet’s special gifts. What are the gifts? Well, they are amazing and outstanding: brand new ultramodern iPhone Pro Max devices. There are 11 iPhones in total, but that’s not all. The Apple’s iPhone Pro Max is only the biggest possible gift you can receive per one single IPL cricket bet. There are also:

2nd place in the game gives you Samsung Galaxy S20 – 5 pieces in total

3rd place in the game gives you Xiaomi MI TV 4X 65 – 10 pieces in total

4th place in the game gives you JBL Charge 4 – 20 pieces in total

5th place in the game gives you JBL Tune 500 BT – 30 pieces in total

6th place in the game gives you 24 EUR for betting – given to 25 punters

7th place in the game gives you 12 EUR for betting – given to 50 punters

8th place in the game gives you 6 EUR for betting – given to 65 punters

9th place in the game gives you 3 EUR for betting – given to 100 punters

How does Melbet spread the gifts to the players in IPL Cricket Giveaway?

How to win one of the 11 iPhone Max Pro devices? Or to classify for any of the compensating gifts like other gadgets or real cash money for betting? It’s easy as we have already told you. Just don’t stop placing bets on Indian cricket events from the national premium league. Each bet gives you one more chance for a win. Here’s how it works:

- Each bet of yours brings you a lottery ticket.

- At the end of the giveaway promo – 12th of November 2020 – the winning lottery   tickets will be randomly drawn

- You can participate in the game with unlimited number of tickets.

- The bigger the bet on IPL event is, the more tickets you receive.

Here are some details about the number of tickets you can receive depending on your bet size. If your bet costs only 1 EUR, you get one ticket to participate in the lottery. However, all bets that cost 2 EUR, give you 3 tickets. Bets at an amount of 6 EUR provide you 10 tickets in total. The bet that is at an amount of 12 EUR allows you to participate in the lottery with 25 tickets more. 23 EUR bet offers you 60 tickets. All bets equal to the amount of 35 EUR bring you 90 tickets! If your bet costs 58 EUR you get 160 tickets in total!!! And that’s not all. The bet at an amount of 115 EUR offers you 350 tickets, while the bet size of 173 EUR gives you 600 tickets for the lottery.

Want to know how to get the biggest number of lottery tickets? Place a bet at an amount of at least 289 EUR and receive 1 000 tickets in total!